Plywood is made from a minimum of three veneer layers which are then cross-glued together. Cross-glued veneer wood layers give plywood very good strength and dimensional properties. Plywood is commonly made from Birch, Spruce, Poplar and Pine veneers or in combinations thereof. Spruce plywood is light and stable and Birch plywood offers high strength and excellent structural properties.

For demanding applications, plywood can be coated using plastic or phenolic films or can be lacquered/painted and edges sealed to be resistant to moisture. Phenolic coated plywoods have excellent water proofing properties. Plywoods are most commonly glued together by using moisture resistant Phenolic Formaldehyde (PF) glues used in exterior applications and Urea Formaldehyde (UF) glues for interior applications. PF glues are dark brown in colour and are visually seen as a dark line between the veneer layers, this is regarded as the strongest glue bond available in plywood manufacturing today.

Plywood faces mainly determine the different types of grades of the panel and can be graded according to the number of knots, splits in the face veneers or the general appearance of the face veneers.

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