EXIMWOOD birch plywood is delivered by various types of transport including motor transport, marine or railway transport.
EXIMWOOD’s well-developed logistic system enables it to deliver plywood to any part of the world, with guaranteed reliability of delivery schedule.
EXIMWOOD performs optimal loading of the products into transport according to each order.

Standard loading norms:

30 m3 vehicles:

  • 400 mm packs: 24 or 25 packs

  • 600 mm packs: 16 or 17 packs

Standard loading norms:

40-feet container, 37 m3:

  • 400 mm packs: 31 or 32 packs

20-feet container, 15 m3:

  • 400 mm packs: 15 or 16 packs

75 to 90m3 railway car:

  • 400 mm packs: 76 packs

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