Size: 1525x1525 (5x5) (5ft.x5ft.)

Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 30mm

Grade:C/C (IV/IV)

Interior plywood BB is made of veneer with the use of urea glue. It is used in rooms with low humidity, in the absence of contact with water. The environmental friendliness of interior plywood makes it a good material for furniture and interior decoration.

Both sides of this plywood belong to the C grade and are not subjected to grinding. This means that a large number of defects are allowed on it, such as knots, closed or open cracks, veneer overlaps, color changes, etc. Acceptable types, sizes and number of defects in the surface layers of veneer for grade C/C plywood are described in detail in GOST 3916-96.

Interior plywood or water-resistant plywood is made in most cases from birch veneer, which is glued with urea resins.

Interior plywood classification
From GOST 3916.96, we learn that interior plywood is waterproof plywood in terms of the degree of water resistance of the adhesive bond. There is also the exterior brand - this is plywood with increased water resistance.
Depending on the surface quality of the upper veneer layers, interior plywood is divided into grades: B, BB, CP, C
Depending on the quality of mechanical processing of the outer layers, plywood is divided into:
- unpolished - NSh
- sanded on one side - S1
- sanded on both sides - S2

The advantages of interior plywood

Environmental friendliness. 
The main advantage of interior plywood is its environmental friendliness. Birch veneer, glued with carbamide resin, makes the board absolutely harmless to the human body. It can be safely used for interior work and the production of furniture, including children's furniture. It should be borne in mind that the interior brand is inferior to FSF in terms of water resistance, therefore, for outdoor work and rooms with high humidity, it is better to use exterior plywood.

Convenience of processing. the material is perfectly sawn, drilled, sanded, glued and painted.

High mechanical strength. The slab can be successfully used for flooring and carrying structural elements withstanding high mechanical loads.

Beautiful texture. Plywood of high grades has a beautiful wood texture and can be used for interior decoration.

Interior plywood applications
For the manufacture of furniture: used in the manufacture of decorative and structural elements of furniture.

For subfloors and subfloors for parquet and other coatings: robust, easy to work and calibrated waterproof plywood is the ideal material for floors and subfloors for parquet or laminate. Floor coverings are very conveniently glued onto a flat sanded plywood surface. This led to a stable demand for plywood of the interior brand among companies involved in laying parquet and other floor coverings.

For interior work: Plywood is very widely used in construction and renovation for the production of various interior structures and cladding of walls and ceilings.

For the production of containers and packaging: the low cost of interior plywood led to the fact that it has found wide application for the production of boxes, pallets.

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