RUF fuel briquettes are a comparatively new fuel; they have lots of advantages compared to other fuel types. They do not contain any hazardous substances; they do not produce sparks when burning, and they leave minimum ash. They are twice as dense as regular firewood, and thus they yield much more heat when burning. They burn and smolder much longer than regular firewood.

Briquettes are made of woodworking residues - sawdust and shavings. All these ingredients are pressed in a special hydraulic press at ultra-high pressure without any additional chemicals or additives. This ensures that the products are 100% environmentally friendly and safe.

Specifications of RUF briquettes:

Rectangular briquette, size: 150*100*60 mm
Moisture content: 4-6%
Weight of one briquette: 833 gr.

Advantages of RUF briquettes:
High heat capacity
High density
Low moisture content
Good usability
Long burning time
Minimal ash content
Environmental friendliness
No soot

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