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EXIMWOOD started to manufacture RUF fuel briquettes, we expanded our abilities in the “green” energy and heat production segment.

RUF fuel briquettes are a comparatively new fuel; they have lots of advantages compared to other fuel types. They do not contain any hazardous substances; they do not produce sparks when burning, and they leave minimum ash. They are twice as dense as regular firewood, and thus they yield much more heat when burning. They burn and smolder much longer than regular firewood.


Heat capacity:

Wood briquettes ~4400 to 4500 kcal/kg
Black coal ~4900 kcal/kg
Brown coal ~3910 kcal/kg
Dry firewood (moisture content 25%) ~2160 kcal/kg (redwood), or ~2600 kcal/kg (birch)
Firewood with natural moisture content (40 to 50%) ~1500 kcal/kg.

Ash content:

Wood briquettes ~0.5 to 1% ash
Brown coal ~40% ash
Black coal ~20% ash
When burning, wood briquettes release 10 times less CO2 than natural gas; 30 times less CO2 than coke and 50 times less CO2 than coal.

RUF briquettes EXIMWOOD are made of wood sawdust which contains no hazardous admixtures and substances. They are absolutely safe and environmentally-friendly.

RUF briquettes are space-saving and affordable.

Specifications of RUF briquettes:

Rectangular briquette, size 150*100*60 mm
Moisture content 8 to 10%
Weight of one briquette 0.8 to 0.9 kg
Packed into transparent heat-shrink film.

One pack contains 12 briquettes.

The weight of each pack is 10 kg.

Advantages of RUF briquettes:
High heat capacity
High density
Low moisture content
Good usability
Long burning time
Minimal ash content
Environmental friendliness
No soot

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