Pini-Kay Hardwood Briquettes provide high heat output, a long burn time of approximately 2hrs, contain low levels of ash and are a cleaner easier to use product to warm your home than traditional logs. Our briquettes are energy efficient and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional logs made using waste sawdust from the sawmill industry. Briquettes are also known as heat logs and are ideal for all types of fires.

Briquettes contain only 100% FSC approved sawdust. No chemicals are used to bind the sawdust in the compression process so they are safe to burn in the home, plus the minimal amount of ash left behind after burning is suitable for use in the garden as fertiliser.

Each dense briquette contains between 5 - 7% moisture, this provides a longer and more even burn than traditional logs, a more efficient way to keep your home warm! You can break up the briquettes to help get a fire going or use them whole to benefit from approximately 2hrs burn time.

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