Wholesale supply of fuel briquettes with delivery throughout Europe.
You can buy fuel briquettes in our company at low prices.

Delivery of briquettes and pellets at a convenient time for you. Special conditions for wholesalers. Discounts on fuel briquettes are provided depending on the order volume.

Storage conditions

The shelf life is not limited, but briquettes and pellets must be protected from moisture. Store RUF, Nielsen, and Pini Kay briquettes indoors (in a shed, garage, or shed) or cover them with plastic wrap.


Heat transfer 4500-5000 kcal/kg,
Air humidity <8%,
Density 0.9 - 1.2 g/cm3,
Ash content <1%

Briquettes are more convenient and cheaper than firewood and charcoal, because:

In terms of heat transfer per unit mass, wood fuel briquettes exceed conventional firewood by 2-3 times and are almost equal to coal.
The duration of Gorenje and smouldering is 2-3 times higher than that of ordinary firewood.
This is always ready — to-use fuel-no need to saw, chop or dry anything.

briquettes and pellets are a plant product with constant characteristics (weight, humidity). Unlike conventional firewood, you will not be deceived by volume, humidity, etc. You know exactly how much you are buying, and you can buy any desired amount of fuel from a single package.

Ruf and pini kay briquettes are safer — they burn odorless, do not shoot or spark, and practically do not emit smoke, soot, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, unlike firewood or coal. They are not explosive when stored, unlike gas, diesel, etc.

Convenient and clean packaging. Space saving — 1 ton takes up 1 m2 of space, fuel can be stored next to the boiler / oven.

When burning Euro firewood (fuel briquettes), a minimum of ash is formed — 20 times less firewood and 40 times less coal. As a result, cleaning the stove or fireplace becomes much easier. Ash can be used as fertilizer.

Holes in the Pini Kay allow you to create draft inside the briquette, promoting Gorenje without forced ventilation, which makes it possible to use it in furnaces with low draft.
Fuel briquettes are an exceptionally clean product from the point of view of hygiene, since no chemical additives or adhesives are used in the production process. In the process of thermal sintering of natural wood sawdust, all bacterial flora is destroyed and a <dead> product for parasites (bedbugs, fungi and microbes) is obtained.
It does not contain dust and spores that cause allergies.
During storage, fuel briquettes do not self-ignite when the temperature rises, as they do not contain hidden pores. They are not explosive, unlike gas, diesel, etc.
Our briquettes are manufactured on German equipment and comply with the DIN standard adopted in Germany. This is confirmed by certificates and conclusions based on the results of various laboratory tests.


Comparison of fuel briquettes with other types of fuel

Calorific value:

firewood of natural humidity (40-55%) ~1500 kcal/kg

dry wood (25% humidity) 2160 kcal/kg (pine), 2600 kcal/kg (Birch)

brown coal 3910 — 4600 kcal/kg

briquettes from wood waste 4500-5000 kcal/kg

anthracite coal 6100 — 7500 kcal/kg

Ash content:

when burning brown coal to produce 40% ash

the combustion of black coal produced 20% ash

when burning wood briquettes formed of 0.5-1% ash

Ash Eurogroove can be further used as fertilizers.


GORENJE CO2 emissions from briquettes:

10 times less than natural gas

30 times less coke

50 times less coal

The boiler capacity increases up to 50% when using eurodrops compared to conventional firewood.

The release of sulfur when burning Eurodraw <0.08%, which is 3-4 times less likely to clean the chimney than when using firewood or coal. Significant savings on chimney sweep services!

EURODRIVE is Produced at high pressure and temperature. The binding agent is lignin, which is contained in the wood itself.

Gorenje Gorenje and smouldering briquettes on average 2-3 times longer than conventional firewood, and they also provide a constant temperature during combustion. This means that in comparison with conventional firewood, laying in the oven can be made 2-3 times less often. Briquettes are easier to feed into the fire chamber compared to wood and coal. They flare up well, burn long and evenly, do not give sparks and soot.

Eurovood is well suited for barbecue or grilling. When fat gets on them, they do not ignite, but continue to smolder or burn with a steady, weak flame. Sale of fuel briquettes is one of the activities of our company.

Briquettes have an average density 2.5 times higher than firewood, so they take up less space. It is a convenient and clean product for storage and transportation.

It is for these reasons that the sale of fuel briquettes in our country is gaining momentum every year.

High density also prevents rotting and briquettes can be stored for a long time, protecting them from moisture.

When burned, briquettes do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Fuel briquettes (Euro firewood) are a convenient, economical and environmentally friendly type of fuel. Widely used in Europe for more than 20 years!

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