We have six different species and grades of engineered formwork panels that we have selected for us in the market. From high end Birch specie panels to local general use pine plywoods, all are made with exterior glue systems and all have multiple re-use advantages.


Plywood collection includes different panels with non-slip and high friction protective coatings, together with excellent strength to weight ratios and a pleasing aesthetic look. Plywood are most commonly used in very high demanding application areas, such as LNG (Liquid Nitrogen Gas) shipping tankers, where Birch plywood lines the inside of the hull of the ship to control and hold the temperatures and protect the steel hull from freezing and shattering due to LNG sub-zero temperatures. We also use Birch plywood throughout the truck trailer industries for truck trailer floors


EXIMWOOD offer an extensive range of appearance grade plywoods for use in the furniture and shop fitting manufacturing industries. We stock various panel sizes from 1500 x 3000 to 1220 x 2440 and thicknesses from 2,5mm – 50mm.

Plywood CNC Cutting Machining
We are able to offer CNC cutting services and general straight edge cutting services, laminating services are available to specific customer tailored requirements.

Our species on offer are: Russian Birch and Spruce plywood.

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