With decades of experience in the timber industry, we procure our stocks from sustainable timber organisations both locally and internationally.

EXIMWOOD are bulk stockists and distributors of Plywood panels.

We offer our customers technical and logistical support as well as machining services.

We are able to accommodate your needs as we are passionate about our products, services and our customers - we won't let you down.

Regards to you and your business

Oksana Mirontšuk

+3726104208 - info@eximwood.com - EXIMWOOD OU

Tallinn - Harju maakond - Estonia

Grade B BB CP C 12mm 15mm 18mm 21mm Film Faced Thickness FSC WBP Interior Exterior

1525x1525 2500x1250 2440x1220 1250x2500 1220x2440 1500x3000 1525x3050

yellow gray green black brown white black red blue

5x5 4x8 8x4 5x10